Apple history

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Apple history

History of Apple


Apple Inc. is a multinational company established in April 1976 to sell Apple's Apple-1 laptops by Apple founder Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne, , Then Apple II was introduced in 1977 and then in 1985 was introduced a computer "Macintosh" Then there was a series of inventions for computer equipment, including success, including failure was a rise and fall of Apple between 1991 and 2005 and during this period announced Apple has signed an agreement with Intel, introducing the MacBook Pro and the iMac, the first two machines to run Intel Core Duo. By August 2006, Apple had transformed the entire Mac production line into Intel chips.

 Apple's name is due to the fact that Steve Jobs and his former job at Apple Orchard were thought to be the perfect fruit!



In 2012, Apple was the largest company with $ 632 billion, due to a 64% rise in its share price, breaking Microsoft's 1999 record of $ 618.9 billion!!


Current products for Apple



• Mac computer and accessories   - Mac Mini


                                                          Mac Pro

                                                          MacBook formerly iBook                                                                            

                                                          MacBook Air

                                                          MacBook Pro


. iPod     -  iPod Classic                                                 

                 iPod Nano

                 iPod Schoeffel,

                 iPod Touch       


• iPhone    - iPhone 3G.

                    iPhone 3GS

                    iPhone 4 4th Generation

                    iPhone 4th Generation

                    iPhone 5th Generation

                    iPhone 5th Generation

                    iPhone 5th Generation

                    iPhone 6th Generation

                    iPhone 6th Generation.

                    iPhone 6th Generation

                    iPhone 6th Generation + 6s

                    iPhone SE

                    iPhone 7 Generation

                    iPhone 7th Generation

                    iPhone 8th Generation

                    iPhone 8th Generation


                    iPhone xr


                    iPhone xs max



Vision and aspirations of Apple


The company always aspires to produce and provide all electronic devices and smart phones for all age groups for different life more developed and more comfortable!!




Full protection with Apple devices


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Apple main site


Apple is located at 1 Loop Avenue, Cupertino, California where it has branches all over the world!





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