Changing trends of online shopping in Jordan.

Changing trends of online shopping in Jordan.

Unlike other countries, developed or developing countries, Jordan has a very varied customer base for online shopping. A small developing country, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, with a recent introduction to Internet and its services few years back, already registered a significant increase in number of internet users in last decade. According to studies conducted earlier on group of users, it is stated that the reasons for the absence of customers in the online marketplace are obvious.

Some of the conclusions of the surveys conducted are as below:

  • Unavailability of human resources.

  • Risks involved in online payments

  • Delayed delivery services

  • Inexperienced Internet and shopping website usage

  • Personal and financial information security


The internet users in Jordan are increasing day by day and in accordance with a report by Internet world Stats (IWS) approximately 87.8 percent out of total Jordanian population is using Internet as on December 2017. Jordanian population take e-commerce as an alternative way of shopping and not as a conventional shopping option. The competition within the local market and the e-commerce websites is still rigid in one of the more developed countries of middle east. Due to the above mentioned reasons, usually users prefer neighbourhood markets over the electronically operating vendors. But also to mention, many e commerce websites and retailers were successful in winning hearts by their services and products. With the increasing internet utilization and users, e-commerce is widening its scope in the region.

The typical archetype of traditional shopping can be altered for better by following below practices :

  • Providing better services and organised customer care unit.

  • Focusing on creating interactive shopping websites.

  • Enhancing payment safety and security.

  • Working towards the supplying convenient services.


With 6.3 million internet users in 2017, Jordan is progressively participating in the online shopping methods. One of the shopping websites available in Jordanian market is Mobilecozmo supplying quality products to the users in much less time. It deals in categories including fashion, mobiles, laptops, watches, gaming, personal care and many more to provide customers with excellent products and most favourable services. The website is available in Arabic and English with a plenty of branded commodities and easy interface for inexperienced users. Improved customer care services and secured payment gateways are the most emphasized features for the shoppers.

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