flaws for Huawei mate 20 pro

Learn about the most important disadvantages of the Huawei mate 20 Pro from our website ''maobile cozmo''

flaws for Huawei mate 20 pro

flaws of Huawei mate 20 Pro:


• The screen comes Huawei Mt 20 Pro large and full when taking a picture and upload to the applications of social media (WhatsApp, Snape Chat, Instagram ....) appear cut in other versions of phones that do not have a full screen!


• 3.5 port for headphones Not available!



• Integrate the external speakers with USB so that the phone has a greater ability to resist water, which made the sound of the phone a few when you put it on the charger!


• The Huawei mate 20 Pro is very large in size but sometimes the feature becomes a bad feature as its large size prevents the user from accessing all the applications on the screen using one hand!



• The camera comes Huawei mate 20 Pro with very high accuracy, but when you take the picture it looks magnified too much!!




• Battery Phone Huawei mate 20 Pro has a wireless self-charging feature but cannot be applied to all phones just the phones with wireless charging features!



• Some complain of the speed of the Internet as it is slow compared to high - efficiency phone!





• The new Huawei mate 20 Pro comes at a relatively high price compared to the other Huawei phones that come to about $ 917 !!

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