flaws for Huawei mate 20

Learn about the disadvantages of the new Huawei Mate 20 from our site ''mobile Cozmo''

 flaws for Huawei mate 20

flaws for Huawei mate 20:


• Huawei mate 20 screen is less pixel-intensive than other phones and is one of the most important flaws in this handset



• The Huawei mate 20 comes with a fingerprint but this feature is only available with the front camera, making the phone less secure!



• You cannot install two pieces of connection in addition to external memory to add external memory, you must enrich one of the two slices!


• The Huawei mate 20 is very large in size but sometimes the feature becomes a bad feature as its large size prevents the user from accessing all the applications on the screen using one hand!



• Some complain of the speed of the Internet in the phone Huawei mate 20, as it is slow compared to the efficiency of the high phone!




• The new Huawei mate 20 phone comes at a relatively high price compared to other Huawei phones that cost up to $ 817!!

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