Finest Brands of Vacuum Cleaners on Mobilecosmo

The cleaning of the household is amongst one of the most basic domestic chores to be done in a day. In order to simplify the life concerning housewives, we provide with a helping hand to assist.

Finest Brands of Vacuum Cleaners on Mobilecosmo

Our collection consists of well-known names with guaranteed reliability such as Kenwood, LG, Samsung, and Tefal. The price range is reasonable with the greatest benefit for money. We try to provide best-in-industry goods and services to achieve our principal objective of customer satisfaction.

Exclusive price range making a start from 68 JOD!!

 Mobilecosmo is an online shopping website with quality products and services. We believe in expertise and promptness. Our deliveries are punctual and the product reaches you in its best shape. Shop from our website today.

 Let’s take you through the highlights of some of our products.


 Samsung Vacuum Cleaner (VCC4190V37)

 Accompanied by a dust holding ability of 3L and a net weight of 4.5 kg this product is an ideal purchase.


 Brand: Samsung

Price: 69 JOD

Maximum consumption power: 2,000 watts

Color: Red

Type: Bag-vacuum


Additional features include the suction power of 380 Watts and exhaust microfilter.


Samsung Vacuum Cleaner (VCC5450V3RXSG)

 This awesome invention with 2.4 L of capacity is most suitable to manage your cleaning. It is light-weight and holds a two-step brush for regular and selective cleaning.

Brand: Samsung

Price: 79 JOD

Maximum consumption power:1,800 watts

Color: Red

Type: Bag-vacuum


Samsung Vacuum Cleaner (VC18M2120SP)

 The capacity of 1.5 L and a cleaning width of 265 mm makes this product distinct and special. An on/off power control and 2-in-1 accessory are the added features of the product.

Brand: Samsung

Price: 89 JOD

Maximum consumption power: 1,800 watts

Color: Blue

Type: Cyclone Force with Anti-Tangle Turbine


Samsung Vacuum Cleaner (VC20CHNDCNCSG)

This 2 L vacuum cleaner with a power cord length of 6 m is a great steal for household cleaning in affordable price. This lightweight product of 4.5 kg is simple to move and clean around.

Brand: Samsung

Price: 120 JOD

Maximum consumption power: 2,000 watts

Color: Turquoise Blue

Type: Bagless vacuum


Kenwood Vacuum Cleaner (VC7050)

A favorable carry handle and plastic body make it appropriate for cleaning upholstery, curtains, and other fabrics. It has a dust indicator and creates less noise while cleaning.

Brand: Kenwood

Price: 137 JOD

Maximum consumption power: 2,200 watts

Color: Black

Type: Bagless vacuum


 Samsung Vacuum Cleaner (VC21K5130VB)

Its extended cord length of 6 m gives the product a supplement to clean major areas right away without the trouble of moving the vacuum cleaner. Also, in case of any movements, the rubber wheels are co-operative. With an action radius of 9.2 m and 360 swivel hose are the aspects to depend upon.

Brand: Samsung

Price: 155 JOD

Maximum consumption power: 2,000 watts

Color: Blue Cosmo

Type: Bag


LG Vacuum Cleaner (VS8401SCW.AKRQEAS)

It is a chargeable dual-battery vacuum cleaner with an operation time of 40-60 minutes. Built-in 2-in-1 brush and handle control with 180 degrees head rotation characteristics are the highlights to consider while ordering the product.


Brand: LG

Price: 279 JOD

Maximum consumption power: 2,000 watts

Color: Red

Type: Anti- tangle with cyclone system

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