Five Brands to Consider While Shopping for Online Watches

All through these summers of the evolution of the mankind, individuals learned to walk, communicate and comprehend. During the early years, only the vital necessities were entertained and sooner, the trend of accessorizing came into existence.

Five Brands to Consider While Shopping for Online Watches

During the early years, only the vital necessities were entertained and sooner, the trend of accessorizing came into existence. Beings became socially versed and came up with the expression called ‘style’ and today in the 21st century, we have a diversity of products available for styling the humankind. 

Are you also considering a trendy reconstruction to your wristwatch collection?

We, at Mobilecozmo, believe in supplying a broad series of fashionable watches from prestigious trademarks including Esprit, Tissot, Swatch, Optima, Tommy Hilfiger, Casio, Lacoste and many more. We dispatch moderately priced luxury watches all across Jordan with best offers and discounts.

In our online store, you can select from many options at our website and show off your wrists decked with trendy and classic watches. Our brands speak for the standard we want to set and accomplish.

Below are a few brand names, from which you can select the watch in accordance with your budget.


With its presence in over 40 countries, Esprit continues to supply the best in the trend. Discover the fashionable and artistic products on our website. Appropriate to both men and women, we have a complete range of timepieces ready in lightweight stainless, smartly assembled dials in elegant black, silver and gold. Additionally, the watches are decorated with eye-catching and distinct straps in finest leather and stainless steel. Within the price range of 130 JOD, we grant various alternatives in chronological and modern dial patterns.


Since 1853, Tissot have at present reached 160 countries via its advanced Swiss time-keeping technology. The ultimate collection at Mobilecozmo elegantly includes designed watches for him and her. Present in analog and digital dials with styling done in conventional and contemporary designs, tissot watches are exquisite and truly elegant with varied straps in steel, leather, rubber, and fabric. Explore the tissot watches collection at our website according to your own comfort and approach. Being classified as a ‘mid-range’ market products by Swatch group, Tissot watches are in stock in different ranges varying from 34 JOD- 600 JOD as per the shopper’s interest and need.

Tommy Hilfiger:

A classic American brand founded in 1985, has made it to over 100 countries for delivering premium services in clothing, accessories, and footwear. At Mobilecozmo, we involved watches of different styles and features like water resistant and date with a traditional American style. Check out the collection on our website to get the formal and casual watches by Tommy Hilfiger. You can exhibit your Tommy watch only inside the range of 200 JOD.


At your disposal in various designs and styles, Casio watches are provided in analog and digital, are known for its reliableness and longevity. A trusted Japanese brand best trusted for their innovation and high-quality products are famous for simple and iconic designs. Check out our website for budget friendly watches within the range of 300 JOD to supplement your wrist with a trustworthy brand.

Kenneth Cole:

An American fashion brand from New York, originally focused on designer shoes launched Kenneth Cole watches in 1996. We have a collection for both men and women, made with detail in leather and metal straps along with distinctive dials.

We also offer other promising brands for our users. For more updates about our products and services please visit our site.

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