Huawei mate 20

Know with us the most important specifications of the new Huawei phone huawei mate 20 from our website ''mobile Cozmo''

Huawei mate 20

Huawei mate20


Huawei or (hawaei) has announced the release of the new Huawei mate 20 smart phone that exceeded all expectations in all aspects of the market on October 16, 2018!



• Huawei mate 20 specification


The All-New Design for Huawei Mate 20:


It is made of metal and glass 8.3 x 77.2 x 158.2 mm with a weight of 188 g with 128 GB internal memory





Huawei mate 20 screen:


The screen is of 6.53-inch TFT LCD IPS, which is the largest screen of Huawei, where the screen is multi-touch protection. Glass Gorilla Glass to resist any fall or scratch in addition to the presence of 16.7 million colors ppi and this is one of the best features lacking previous versions.


Camera with Huawei mate 20:


Here's the great feature where it's a rear camera with 8 + 12 + 16-megapixel camera with 24-megapixel front-sensor type CMOS for both cameras with dual LED flash with a large 12 megapixels camera with a f / 1.8- and 16-Megapixel wide f / 2.2 and 3 f / 2.4 zoom. In addition to Face Recognition and Smoothing feature with high dynamic color tone and HDR mechanism.



Battery with Huawei mate 20 phone:


Battery with Huawei 20 with super fast charge technology of 4000mAh with a non-removable battery model where in 30 minutes you can charge up to 70%!!



Huawei mate 20 colors:


Huawei's phone comes in a distinctive and trendy color that suits both sexes and tastes!

(Black, blue, twilight color)








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