iPhone 7 specifications

In this article we will talk about the new mobile from apple( iPhone 7 ) on our website "Mobile Cozmo'

iPhone 7 specifications

iPhone 7 specifications


Apple launched the new version of the smart phone iPhone, the new iPhone 7, which has a high quality comparable to previous versions!


- The new iPhone 7 screen!

The new 7-inch Retina HD is a 4.7-inch widescreen and 1334x750 pixel resolution of 326 pixels per inch, as it is a P3 color screen in addition to its oil-resistant paint and fingerprints!


- The distinctive camera in the iPhone 7:

The camera comes with a 12-megapixel camera and zoom in and zoom up to a maximum of 5 × in addition to other features such as panoramic photography and geolocation of images and most important that the lens cover of sapphire crystal to protect them from any scratch!


- Energy and battery with iPhone 7:

The battery pack lasts for up to 12 hours on the Internet and 14 hours of talk time and you can charge via a power adapter or a USB cable connected to the computer.


- Storage capacity and dimensions of iPhone 7:

Where the phone comes with the iPhone 7 storage capacities different 32 and 128 GB, the dimensions as shown in the picture!

- Colors iPhone 7:

The iPhone 7 comes in a variety of colors for both sexes to suit all tastes (Silver, Golden, Golden Pink, Black)




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