iPhone 8 Plus Specifications

In this article we will talk about the new mobile from apple(iPhone 8 plus ) on our website "Mobile Cozmo"

iPhone 8 Plus Specifications

iPhone 8 Plus Specifications


The American Apple Company, which is interested in manufacturing and developing technology in all its forms and patterns, offers you the iPhone 8 Plus, which comes with great features, powerful capabilities and high-quality specifications.


- Screen Phone with iPhone 8 Plus:

The touch screen is a three-dimensional touch screen as it is a widescreen 5.5-inch widescreen LCD 1920 × 1080 and a density of 401 pixels per inch. In addition, the contrast ratio is 1,300: 1, and also has a coating Resistant oils and finger prints for protection purposes.


- Random memory (RAM) and internal memory with iPhone 8 Plus:

The RAM comes with 3 gigabytes (GB), but the internal memory is either 64 GB or 256 GB.


- The camera and its features with iPhone 8 Plus  phone:

A 12-megapixel dual camera with wide-angle lens and close-up lens for distances, also has automatic adjustment feature. To lens and adjust the lens with one touch. In addition to its lens hexagonal elements are covered with a layer of sapphire crystal to give it a shiny look and more importantly protect it from any scratch.



- Battery of iPhone 8 Plus and age:

The iPhone 8 battery has a long-life span of 13 hours, 60 hours of voice playback and 21 hours of talk time. In addition, it has a fast charging feature as it reaches up to 50% within 30 minutes. Wireless charging can be carried out (via Qi 9 charger), USB cable or power adapter.


- Colors iPhone 8 Plus:

The iPhone 8 Plus comes with three attractive colors for both sexes to suit all tastes (Galaxy Gray, Silver, Gold)


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