Right from notches to camera, Huawei and Samsung are all set to start a new trend in 2019

It absolutely hard in denying that the year 2018 is been a great year when it comes to top notch displays and advanced functionalities. The top names that made themselves breath-taking in the mobile industry are Samsung and Huawei.

Right from notches to camera, Huawei and Samsung are all set to start a new trend in 2019

Although they marked an end to notch -era, but still we can keep an eye on the functioning of other OEMs. Probably, the year 2019 will bring lot of new trends for us, but for now notches have to come to an end.

Samsung showcased new and innovative Infinity displays at the recent developer conference and the main ideation that it was carrying was, to insert a hole into the display of its camera. Samsung defined it as Infinity-O, and soon it will be seen integrated in Galaxy A8s smartphone.

On the other hand, Huawei, the silhouette of a smartphone is embarking with an in-screen camera and many of users believe that it will come with Huawei Nova 3S. The launching date of the aforementioned smartphone is near to around December 17.

This fact implies that, Huawei is the first brand amongst all the existing smartphone development companies to with a hole in the display for the camera.

Nova 3S – It can be described as a bezel-less device with no slider or the pop-up cameras. Since the front camera will be adjusted or located in the hole on the display's top left corner. The corresponding text on the teaser translates itself to "Selfie portrait full screen," that clearly highlights the full-screen and helps in displaying the complete camera features of the Nova 3S.

Other details pertaining to the Nova 3S are still unrevealed, but we can gather the insights from its next month release. We can say it as an upgradation to the Nova 3, the one that was released in July.

Well, we can state Nova3S as a premium smartphone, that will be going hand in hand with the Galaxy A8s.  These two smartphones will successfully start a new trend of notch-less phones in 2019 and thus you cannot miss them buying at MobileCozmo platform.

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